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      Current Position:Home>>Manufacturer>> 深圳市速聯連接器有限公司



      Superlink(SLK?) specializes in design, development and manufacturing of interconnect solutions, including High-speed Cable Assemblies (SFP passive and active cable, SFP+ passive and active cable, QSFP passive and active CXP passive and active cables, SAS and mini SAS cables, SATA cables etc.), RF Coaxial Connectors (SMA, SMB,SMC,N, TNC, RP-TNC, SMP, Mini-SMP, MCX, MMCX,BMA, QLA plug/male and jack/female etc.), RF and Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies, multi-pin connectors, fiber optics and many other types of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies. We offer an extensive range of interconnect solutions for applications in telecom, datacom, healthcare, automotive, measurement, military and aerospace industries.
       RF Coaxial Connectors, RF and Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies,  multi-pin connectors, fiber optics, etc.